Home Loan
Purpose Financing on purchase of land, purchase of land & building, construction/renovation of building.
Financing Ratio: Maximum 80% of the purchase price and/or estimated cost of the building to be constructed/renovated.
Nature Non-revolving & non-renewable.
Disbursement In case of purchase/renovation, full amount after complete documentation and in case of construction, first disbursement maximum 25% of the total loan amount only after completion of DPC level and other disbursements as per requirement verifying the utilization of the previous disbursed amount.
Principal Repayment After completion of the construction/renovation/purchase, on equated monthly installment basis (EMI).
Interest Repayment: On quarterly basis and/or on installment payment date.
Security: At least 150% coverage (or as provisioned by the prevailing NRB directive) by the mortgaged collateral security including the property under financed by the housing loan.
Tenure: Maximum 25 years.