Export Cash Credit (Packing Credit) Loan
Purpose Financing against export/purchase order.
Financing Ratio: Maximum 80% of the export/purchase order.
Nature (i) Regular limit - revolving and renewable.
(ii) Each deal – 'non-revolving' & 'non-renewable', however validity may be extended up to expiry date of export/purchase order.
Disbursement Partially or fully upon request of the borrower along with/based on export/purchase order.
Principal Repayment From export/sales bill realization or within expiry of the credit.
Interest repayment On quarterly basis but prior to the expiry of the loan.
Security: Against lien over export/purchase order and/or 50% coverage by the value of mortgaged collateral security.
Tenure: Limit maximum for one year and in case of deal, maximum up to export/purchase order’s expiry date.