NB Bank has launched seven Branchless Banking Service till now. We are in the process of opening more.

SN Place Remarks
1 Kushadevi, Kavre 15 km from our Sallaghari Branch
2 Ramkot, Kathmandu 7 km from our Kalimati Branch
3 Karsiya Bazzar, Morang 20 Km from NBBL Biratnagar Branch
4 Dadhikot, Bhaktapur 3 Km from our Sallaghari Branch
5 Bhimfedi Makawanpur 20 Km from our Hetauda Branch
6 Khokana VDC, lalipur 2 Km from our Bhainsepati Branch
7 Khanigaun VDC, Dhikure, Nuwakot 10 Km from our Battar Branch