21 Nov 2014

Pinless NTC eTopup Sytem

Now NBBL account holder can  topup their NT related services Balance like Prepaid, Postpaid and ADSL directly from your mobile with the help of Apps or SMS .

Customer has to fill form which is available in our web site and submit to our branch.

Customer also has to download application from cellcom web site.

More information is available in cellcom web site.

Any person who is interested in providing this service can become a retailer.

Frequently Asked Question about this service is here.

This services is available free without any cost. 


Customer whose mobile doesn't support apps also can use this service through SMS.
Create new message in your mobile and use syntax given below and send SMS to number 1245.

NT GSM Prepaid Mobile AT PIN Amount MobileNumber 008 Example,
AT 1234 50 9845022254 008
NT GSM Postpaid Mobile  AP PIN Amount MobileNumber 008  Example,
AP 1234 100 9851137756 008 
NT Landline/PSTN CL PIN Amount LandlineNumber 008   Example,
CL  1234  300 14783975  008  
NT ADSL (Unlimited) CAU PIN Amount LandlineNumber 008    Example,
  CAU  1234  1000 14783975  008   
(Volume Based) 
CAV PIN Amount LandlineNumber 008     Example,
  CAV  1234  500 14783975  008   

 Note : 008 is Bank Code for NB Bank.