The dawn of year 2072 B.S was never anticipated to bring the succession of turbulences that would handicap the Nepalese economy to this magnitude. Difficult times always demand difficult measures to be taken. Indeed, we have always weathered the storm in yester years and are well placed to replicate the same in coming years.

We are proud of our long history and heritage of 22 years serving all walks of life since our inception in 1994. Our core philosophy of ‘Bank for Everyone’ has always been a north star navigating us amidst the economic volatility in different times. I would like to take this platform as an opportunity to express my humble gratitude to: All our employees who always displayed the unceasing faith and belief to serve the customers; Our Board of Directors who have always supported the Bank in taking strong decisions during shaky times; And our customers who entrusted us and stood by us when we needed them the most. We are regularly exploring the market dynamics and strategically defining our way forward. Indeed, our decisions and actions based on rationale in recent years have yielded overall growth of 30%-40% per year, which is why we have been able to fine-tune our performance pillars.

We pledge to remain innovative and emerge out as a strong brand to serve the country and people. After all, we are the ‘Bank for Everyone’.

Message From CEO Mr. Gyanendra Prasad Dhungana CEO