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1. NBBL E-Banking

Accountholder of NB Bank is eligible for NB E-banking.

  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Online Statement
  3. Fund Transfer
  4. Third Party Transfer
  5. E Sewa
  6. Utility Payment

Maximum three attempts can be made for login of E-Banking.

The User will get disabled after three wrong login attempts. To reset the login account the customer needs to contact the Customer Service of the Respective Branch.

You can transfer maximum Rs. 10,000 per transaction with maximum 5 transactions per day.

Bank charge minimal amount on the use of E Banking.

2. NBBL Visa Card

NB Visa Card is valid for 3 years.

We can use NB Visa Card in Nepal & India .

You can withdraw maximum Rs. 25,000 at one instance and the withdrawal limit per day is Rs. 1,00,000.00 in Nepal. The transaction limit in India per day is India Rupees 10,000.00 & monthly Indian Rupees 1,00,000.00

You have to contact the concerned bank in which your card has been stuck. They will do the necessary process.

NB Bank doesn’t charge anything if withdrawn from own ATM. If withdrawn from Himalayan Bank’s network, the charge will be Rs. 20 per transaction. If withdrawn from SCT network, the charge will be Rs. 35 per transaction. If withdrawn from Visa network, the charge will be Rs. 150 per transaction.

You should contact your nearest branches of NB Bank immediately if you lose your card. Bank will not be responsible if the transaction has been made in that period.

3. NBBL Travel Card

It is a prepaid card which can be loaded with Foreign Currency. NB Travel Card acts as a replacement to Cash & Travellers cheque.

To withdraw cash, you would need to insert your card into any Visa /Visa Plus / Master card ATM machine overseas and follow the instructions on screen. Enter your PIN and indicate the amount you want to withdraw in the local currency. The requisitioned cash will be dispensed in the local currency of the country you are in.

Yes. Certain charges are applicable as per bank’s policy.

The usage of your Travel Card should be in strict accordance with the regulations of Nepal Rastra Bank.

You can use the Travel Card in any country where VISA / MasterCard has acceptance. You can travel to any country and still transact in local currency. The transaction in local currency is processed after applying the cross currency charges, as applicable at the time of the transaction. Your card account will be debited in the equivalent of the base currency loaded by you.

Do I need to have NB Bank Account to purchase the NB Travel Card?

While purchasing NB Travel Card, You will have to submit a copy of the following documents to NB Bank’s Branches.

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Air Ticket

While Reloading Travel Card, it can be done as per NRB policy.

Yes, the NB Travel Card can be swiped directly for payments at Merchant establishments that accept VISA/VISA Electron/MasterCard.

4. NBBL Smart

NBBL Smart is a safe , secure and convenient mobile banking which supports both internet connectivity and sms network. Customers can also be aware about the latest products of NBBL through the application.

Any Person having account with NBBL Bank in single or joint name can apply for NBBL Smart Banking Services. Please go through the Terms & Conditions while filling the form.

To enroll, you need to visit the nearby Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited branches and fill the registration form.

Once the bank verifies your account number you provide information details, you will be sent with registration confirmation message with transaction password and TxnPin.

You need to have minimum Rs 300 in your account to activate the NBBL Smart. In case of Inquiry only it is free.

Charge will be displayed on the screen when you begin to transfer amount in another bank but transferring within NBBL branches it is free of cost.

When you log into NBBL Smart through internet you need to login first from GPRS Password. Mpin or Txn Pin is used for transaction. If you are not in internet reach you can just use TxnPin for transaction.

Yes, you need to change the password and MPIN in first login mandatory.

For GPRS Password

# You need to open mobile Banking Application

# You need to type mobile number and your GPRS password and Click on Login button.

# Then after Change your password option will appear, you need to type old password (GPRS password just provided), New Password and Confirm New Password (type the same new password again).

# A message “ Password Changed Successfully” will be displayed.

Note: change password according to the Alphanumeric and character length requirements as instruct by the application. For strong password , we recommend you to use password that is combination of alphabet ( A,b,c,Z etc) , Numeric (1,5,8 etc) & special Character (@,#,$,& etc).

For Transaction Pin

# Change Txn pin option will appear and change accordingly. Transaction pin should be 4 digit numeric only.

After three consecutive wrong attempts system blocks the user and informs through application. To unblock, you need to visit the nearby branches fill up the form and process for unblock.

For security reason, if you change your mobile device you need to visit nearby branch to reset the device. After submitting the request in the concern branch your device gets activated. OR you can press reset button and fill all asked information to activate the service in new device.

We can register many account into one mobile number but the customer must be same and customer must submit the require documents to the concern branch for adding account into one mobile numbers. Other party account is prohibited to add in the same number. This is not applied in case of legal guardian.

Primary account is the main account which is mentioned in application form of the customer. If primary account is blocked or not operative rest of the accounts also gets disabled for mobile banking services.

Yes we can control fund transfer, alert for different account as per customer’s requirement.

You should first directly contact e-sewa customer care or you can send screenshot of the problem message at  or contact any branches of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited.

No, he or she needs to link or add his/her account to parents or care taker or legal guardian.

Usually after submitting the application within 24 hours of working days the service will be activated.

We first give priority to the email with problem screen shot at or contact nearest branch. Lastly we can entertain your phone calls also in Transaction & Digital banking department.

  • Customers are advised not to reveal password(s) over phone, email etc to any person including any official of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited.
  • Customers are advised to keep passwords in combination of alphabet, numeric and Special Character combination - not easy to guess. Also the same may be changed at regular period in each month or two.
  • In case of receipt of any suspicious e-mail purporting to be from the Bank requesting personal details, the information sought is not to be disclosed and Bank should be informed of receipt of such mail.
  • Do not click on suspicious website links/ attachment links /suspicious emails claiming to be sent by NBBL Bank, they may be directed to fraudulent replica of banks website asking to user information and passwords.
  • Users should be aware that Bank never sends any e-mail requesting to update / validate account and provide user id and passwords or other sensitive information
  • Properly Read terms & Conditions in the application form.

Sometime in application manager or in the application, message sending to 32400 remains disabled and sometimes due to network error or poor network connectivity message sending fails or with error in mobile also message sending fails.

There is automatic renewal after expiry of the service until and unless the customer provides written application to discontinue the service atleast 1 month prior to the expiry of the same.

Yes. After 1 year of service free profile converts into "Scheme-3 , NBBL Smart Transaction & Alert" profile.

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