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Retirement Fund

Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. Retirement Fund is an Approved Retirement Fund by Government of Nepal, Inland Revenue Department under Income Tax Act 2058. We accept the Provident Fund deposit (Contributed by employer along with the self contribution of individual employee) in monthly basis and also other defined Retirement Fund i.e. Gratuity Fund /Welfare Fund/Retirement Fund as per the concerned organization contribution policy.


  • Attractive Interest Rate
  • Employees could join the scheme to make secure future after retirement.
  • Amount deposited up to 1/3 or Rs. 300,000.00 (Whichever is lower) of annual income could be accounted for tax exemption.
  • Organized institutions can enroll in the scheme by making deposit of:
    • Employee Provident Fund (PF)
    • Employee Retirement Fund (RF/Gratuity Fund & others like Retirement Fund)
  • The member can avail Loan against such individual deposit up to 90% of their total deposit as per the policy of NBBL Retirement Fund. The interest rate on borrowing shall be 1.5% above the applicable interest rate on the retirement saving account of the member.

Documents required for Employee Accounts

For the purpose of participating in the fund, the Organization should send a letter to the Retirement Fund with the list of employees to whom it wishes to open retirement fund accounts. The letter should be accompanied by an application form filling all the personal details and citizenship certificate of the employee through the organization they are employed with.