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  • Vision & Mission

    Maintaining high standard corporate governance in all levels Core Values and Code of Conduct/Ethical Principles The Bank has defined following core values for achieving the vision and mission: Deliver quality and complete financial services Provide value to the stakeholders Be accountable for delivering what we promise Demonstrate honesty and integrity in all actions Be balanced in customer orientation and risk consciousness Be efficient and technology oriented Overall Strategic Objectives Stick on core values and code of conduct for betterment of the bank

  • Loan and Advances

    BR = Base Rate *Refinancing Interest rate shall be applicable as per NRB Provision

  • Trust Receipt Loan

    Principal Repayment Each deal within maximum period of 120 days or as per NRB Provision

  • Home Loan

    Security: At least 150% coverage (or as provisioned by the prevailing NRB directive) by the mortgaged collateral security including the property under financed by the housing loan

  • Margin Lending

    Security: As per provision made by NRB

  • Invitation for Sealed Quotation- Civil and Electrical Work in CO Biratnagar Supervision Office